One Way 2 Life Eternal

Gods Blueprint

I believe in a world where every person can find Jesus / Yeshua’ their Messiah in His perfect timing upon their life. My calling is to write God’s Blueprint. In a nutshell His blueprint is pockets of protection around this earth, where people gather together on His land daily and do what He alone calls them to do. It’s a daily walk starting and ending with prayer and seeking His face personally.

With the aim of helping people to seek and find God's goodness upon their life. We seek those who are called to Gods Blueprint for their own hometown. Many called are gifted and were given the resources, giving freely and working together to set it all into place. This land is Gods and built by the hands and heart of those who are called to establish it. Gods finished Blueprint will be opened 24-7-365, built and maintained by us His people.

Our Father in heaven is calling His own. When the Holy Spirit resides in us, we have all the power of God and the resources of heaven at our disposal.

The land in my own hometown we feel God will be using.

Please write to us if you know you are called to be apart of Gods Blueprint. We would love to hear what He has placed in your heart for such a time as this.

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