from Mecca to Christ

This is a great broadcast with Janet Parshall called from Mecca to Christ One of our guests today is a medical doctor who turned evangelist. His father is a mufti in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Once set to bring jihad to the world, he came to know Jesus Christ as Savior and wants to bring trueContinue reading “from Mecca to Christ”

Joy-filled Living post 4

Being joy filled also happens when you speak a word for someone that you know comes from the Holy Spirit, because they share with you, that it was something they really needed to hear, that changes them. This happened to me today. It fills you with a joy that is unexplainable. You know God usedContinue reading “Joy-filled Living post 4”

Joy-filled Living post 3

Joy filled living is life. It’s holding onto our Father in heaven and His promises and love, knowing that each day is a blessing and no matter what comes our way, that our Father in heaven is there for us. My husband recently got his Covid booster and when I called him on my wayContinue reading “Joy-filled Living post 3”

Joy-filled Living post 2

This artist really inspires me. Her name is Lori Portka and she lives in Asheville, NC, her art is so colorful and loving, because she has such gratitude towards life and others. If you can pop over to her website and watch the video. I would love to follow her passion and do this sameContinue reading “Joy-filled Living post 2”

Joy-filled Living post 1

As I was driving one day listening to moody radio, there was a couple on talking about all the trouble in their lives and how around each corner God was there helping them thru it with victory. The next program was people who are dealing with depression. The next talk show was dark and hopelessContinue reading “Joy-filled Living post 1”

Joy-filled Living

In the coming months, I will be trying to write something titled “Joy-filled Living”. I have noticed that most posts and books lately are all about depression and hopelessness. I personally have always lived a Joy-filled life. I thank God our Father every day for that. I am so very thankful for my upbringing andContinue reading “Joy-filled Living”

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