Joy-filled Living post 3

Joy filled living is life. It’s holding onto our Father in heaven and His promises and love, knowing that each day is a blessing and no matter what comes our way, that our Father in heaven is there for us.

My husband recently got his Covid booster and when I called him on my way home he sounded horrible and said he did not feel good, his arm was sore and he was getting flu like symptoms. I immediately started praying for him and felt this gratitude overflowing upon me, as I was warmed by our Fathers love.

I thanked God for being my assurance. Years ago in 1988 I was taken to the hospital at 7 pm with abdominal pain, they did all kinds of tests on me never finding anything but decided to take my appendix at 2 am. When it was over, I felt my Father in heaven say to me, no more of this, I am your assurance, you will not need anymore insurance. That was almost 34 years ago and He has kept His promise. I am healthy and forever grateful to be pulled from that world system.

After I thought and ponded upon that for awhile, I realized how good His goodness was and I just praised Him the rest of my way home.

Thank you Father for your protection upon my life, thank you so much for loving me, thank you so very much for keeping me safe and always wanting the best for me, thank you for the favor you give to me and the grace that you pour down upon me daily, thank you for your healing power and the peace that I am given, thank you for my life and the relationship we have together, I am forever grateful.

Your daughter

Kelly J.

Published by One Way 2 Life Eternal

I follow the Spirit to wherever He calls me to go, I am a "Here am I, send me" girl.

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